National youngsters theater event in Kankaanpää Town, South-West Finland, April 20th- 22nd 2018

RAMPPIKUUME ("STAGE FEVER") is a national theater event for 13-20 year old adolescents. The event will be organized for the 22nd time in 2018. Ramppikuume offers to youngsters an unique possibility to experience and watch theater plays from different parts of Finland and to have special education by theater professionals in workshops. 

​In recent years Ramppikuume has received as a guest international youth theatre group, which will bring their own show for the festivals. International participants can also take part in workshops. 


​Every participant must sign up for the event. Enrolment is open 5.-31. March. Enrolment is done by a form in Internet.


Ramppikuume starts on Friday with workshops. There are a few workshops that provide teaching also in english. Descriptions of workshops can be found here. Workshops that provide teaching in English are mentioned separately.

Workshops provided in English:

Body percussion
This workshop also in English. In this workshop participants get to know body percussion technics and methods. No need for earlier experience. Trainer Elisa Seppänen.

Stage fighting
This workshop also in English. Stage fighting technics and basics on stage and in front of a camera. Workshop also studies co-operation and communication with group and partner. Trainer actor and stage fighting teacher Oula Kitti.

Radio drama and audio theatre
This workshop also in English. In this workshop participants make recorded performance based only on sound. The script is made with devising method. Trainer director and screenwriter Mikko Kaukolampi.


Ramppikuume-event consists of workshops and theater shows. Specific program will be released on March 2018.